Cosmetic Dentistry Can Give You a New and Improved Smile

The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of your smile. Unlike general dentistry, which is primarily concerned with treatments needed to address problems like tooth decay, cosmetic dentistry provides a variety of treatments to help make your teeth more attractive. The type of treatment you receive depends on what is needed to improve the appearance of your teeth.

One of the most commonly desired treatments is whitening. This is the appropriate treatment if there is discoloration caused by foods or smoking. If there are severe stains or discolorations in the tooth enamel, your dentist may recommend composite bonding or dental veneers. Either of these options will give you a bright, natural looking smile. If some of your teeth have darkened due to old silver amalgam fillings, they can be replaced with new materials that closely match the color of your natural tooth enamel.

Treatments such as dental bonding and veneers can also be used to correct other cosmetic problems such as worn, chipped and cracked teeth. Veneers may also be used to correct excessive gaps between the teeth. Misaligned and uneven teeth may sometimes require orthodontic measures such as braces, but in some cases these problems can be treated more quickly and successfully by using composite bonding and sculpting. Missing teeth can be corrected with a bridge or an implant.

In short, cosmetic dentistry can be used to correct almost any imperfection in your smile. Although not everyone wants a perfect smile, most people would not mind improving theirs in some way. If you would like to learn more about what cosmetic dentistry can do for your smile, please contact our office for a friendly consultation about which treatment will best fit your needs.