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- Dr. Joseph Salim

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    We redefine your dental experience through our state-of-the-art facilities, highly-trained staff of professionals and specialists.

Why Choose Sutton Place Dental Associates for your Dental Needs?

What distinguishes Sutton Place Dental is our strong commitment to providing the highest quality of care and service, as if we were the recipients of these services. By putting ourselves in the shoes of our patients, we strive to create a relaxing environment where everyone feels at ease, knows they are treated like family, and receives the highest standard of dental care available.

Manhattan's Most Trusted Dental Team at Sutton Place Dental Associates

We understand that some people may have previously had an unpleasant dental experience, may be experiencing some level of anxiety, or be feeling uncomfortable when facing an unknown experience. We certainly realize that any strong relationship needs to be built upon trust and honesty, and at Sutton Place Dental, we always go above and beyond the call of duty to serve all our patients in the best way possible.


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    Experience firsthand how our unparalleled service and treatment has brightened the smiles of thousands of people in New York City.

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