Treatments Provided in Our New York Office at Sutton Place

When a tooth is threatened by infection or injury so severe that the tooth may be lost, it can often be saved by root canal therapy. Though root canal therapy has a fearsome reputation, skilled care can make it a painless technic with a local anesthetic. Root canal therapy is just one of the many treatments provided in our office.


When Is Root Canal Therapy Needed?

The dentist may advise root canal therapy when a tooth acquires a deep infection, becomes cracked or when it has repeated dental technic done on it. If not properly treated, the problem can lead to an abscess. Determining the extent of this type of damage is one of the services provided in our office.


How Is Root Canal Therapy Done?

This technic removes the nerve and pulp along with bacteria from the root canal and the pulp chamber and replaces it with a filling material. This technic is often done in one or more sessions. The interior chamber of the tooth must be cleaned, disinfected and shaped to receive the filler. It is critical that all traces of infection are removed before the final material is inserted and sealed. After the technic, in most cases, a crown is placed on the tooth to protect it. Fitting of crowns is another of the dental services provided in our office.


After Root Therapy Treatment

Generally, endodontic treatments last for many years, but new trauma to the tooth, infection or other damage can require re-doing of the root canal. A treated tooth can become diseased many years after the initial therapy. X-rays to determine the extent of the damage is one of the dental services provided in our office.