Implant Surgery

Do you suffer from missing teeth? Are you hesitating between implant surgery and traditional dentures?

If so, consider that implants provide many individuals with more aesthetically pleasing and manageable outcomes. Dental implants are prosthetic tooth roots put directly into or on the jawbone.

You will be in good hands with an implant expert like Dr. Reshad. He has been practicing implant dentistry for almost thirty years. He will make sure you always receive the best care possible.

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Let’s compare conventional dentures and dental implants in more detail.

What are the key differences between dentures and dental implants?

A) Traditional dentures are removable items you put in and take out daily. They are not fixed prostheses, such as dental implants, and are not removable.

Implants are more comfortable than dentures. Dental implants also feel like your natural teeth (also check Pros and Cons of Dental implants and Traditional Dentures).
B) Unlike traditional dentures, dental implants are composed of many components:

  1. An implant post is a screw that functions similarly to a natural tooth root.
  2. The restoration that is put over the dental implant might be one of the following:
    • a dental crown.
    • a complete or partial denture.
    • or a multiple-unit bridge.

C) Let’s suppose you decided to choose dentures (instead of dental implants). Then, if you still have some healthy teeth, you will wear partial dentures. Your soft tissues, as well as your remaining teeth, will support them (partial dentures).

When most of your teeth are lost, you will utilize full dentures instead. Only your soft tissues sustain complete dentures.

Instead, dental implants are supported directly by your jawbone.


Decades of experience with dental implants in the heart of Manhattan.

Implant dentistry is usually simple; however, treatments might get more complicated occasionally. Certain dental implant treatments, for example, include bone grafting, which necessitates a high competence level.

Dr. Reshad delivers the expertise required for effective outcomes thanks to his three decades of experience.

Moreover, Dr. Reshad employs cutting-edge technology and the best grafting supplies available. These materials integrate make it easier for your normal bone to integrate and develop.

To determine if a dental implant is best for you, make an appointment with Dr. Reshad.

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4.8 from 5 - Based on 1098 Reviews

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