What is Teeth-In-An-Hour?

Have you lately lost a tooth, or do you have one or more missing teeth? Fortunately, Dr. Reshad, our dental implants dentist, can restore your smile in just one hour, thanks to the Teeth-in-an-Hour process.

Despite only requiring three visits:

  • one for the consultation,
  • one for the operation and insertion of the temporary crown,
  • and one for the permanent crown fitting and checkup,

these dental implants will feel and look much like natural teeth.

Instead, traditional implants (see for instance Front Teeth Dental Implants or Implant-supported Dental Bridges) require weeks or months to complete. Depending on your situation, you might require a bone transplant or a tooth extraction. You’ll then get the implant following a few months of healing. Finally, three to six months after letting the implant undergo osseointegration, Dr. Reshad will place the crown.


Benefits of Teeth in an Hour

  • The dental implant(s) will be placed by Dr. Reshad directly through your gum tissue.
    Because no incisions will be made during the treatment, healing will be quicker and easier (no stitches, etc.)
  • Local anesthesia will suffice.
  • The swelling you experience will be modest.
  • You’ll be back at work the next day.
  • When you leave the dentist’s office, you will have permanent teeth functioning.


Disadvantages of Teeth in an Hour

  • You need enough healthy bone to support the implant. If not, you will require bone grafting, and the process will take longer.
  • You cannot be suffering from periodontal disease. Your gums and jawbone must both be in good condition. Otherwise, our periodontist and dental implant specialist will do more procedures, lengthening the course of treatment.
  • There is a tiny chance that an implant could fail.


Decades of dental implants experience in Midtown NYC

With over 28 years of experience, Dr. Reshad brings the necessary know-how for successful outcomes.

Additionally, Dr. Reshad uses cutting-edge technologies and the highest quality materials.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Reshad if you want to find out if Teeth-In-An-Hour is the best option for you.