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Jaime Naylor AvatarJaime Naylor

I have been a patient at Sutton Place Dental for 6 years and it is seriously the best place. Everyone that works here is so professional, kind, understanding, patient, and REMEMBERS you and details about your family (this makes me feel comfortable and seen). Many of my family/friends are patients now also - my sister, best friend, brother in law, husband, former neighbor. We moved to NJ 4 years ago and we continue to travel into the city for this dental practice and will continue to for the future. - 12/14/2021 

Xi Guang

I am always anxious when I go to the dentist and am also a little suspicious about whether a dentist may do the best in my own interest. My wariness comes from several poor experiences. So, when I went to Dr Salim’s dental office I decided to start with plain dental cleaning … which went so well that I gradually began to trust this dental office more and more. Dr Salim, the owner, is an excellent cosmetic dentist. He is very patient, answers every question. Over time, initial desire to get dental cleaning became a dentistry wish-list of cavity fillings, teeth whitening, veneers. Dr Salim’s approach is always the same: he explains things thoroughly and then lets you decide on your own… no pressure. - 12/12/2021 


Very patient and meticulous cosmetic dentist. I went to replace a few old veneers done many years ago and results are really good. The new veneers look super natural. I definitely recommend Dr Salim and his staff. The office is super modern and staff is very kind. - 12/12/2021 


Dr Reshad and his team of trained dentists are great. I came for a severe gum recession and my prognosis was bleak (according to other periodontists). I had accepted that I was most likely going to lose some teeth. But after a few months of hard word, the results are well above my expectations. Thank you, Dr Reshad - 12/12/2021 

Xi Guang

I have been a patient of Dr Reshad for quite some time. I suffered from periodontitis in the past. Recently though, I went to see him to extract my wisdom teeth. I was really nervous because I have read stories on the web of people getting gum infections after such a procedure. And, I have already had my share of gum infections! However, as per my previous experience with him, Dr Reshad has an extraordinary gift of putting you at ease. He is also quite funny. Quite quickly, I calmed down and the surgery went very well. I will be coming back for another tooth extraction. - 12/12/2021 

Abelard Zimmer

Dr Reshad and his team of trained dentists are great. I came for a severe gum recession and my prognosis was bleak (according to other periodontists). I had accepted that I was most likely going to lose some teeth. But after a few months of hard word, the results are well below my expectations. Thank you, Dr Reshad - 12/04/2021 

Olaf Giannizzotto

Dr Salim is a godsend. You could not be in safer hands, he is really a super caring and professional cosmetic dentist. I rarely leave reviews, but this time I simply had to! He redid a lot of old work, like cracked silver fillings and he did 2 crowns. Seamless job and wonderful results. I am surprised the crowns look so natural. I have no idea what kind of material he chose, but who cares?! Results are what matters. I also did a zoom whitening. - 11/29/2021 

Anthony Bibus AvatarAnthony Bibus

I am very happy I found a wonderful dentist with an extremely pleasant and professional staff. - 11/16/2021 

Anthony B.

I am so pleased with my first visit to my new dentist. He was wonderful and the staff was so pleasant and professional. - 11/13/2021 

Amir M.

Outstanding - 11/13/2021 

Frank Birmin

I do not know of anyone who likes to go to the dentist but since we all have to go, then one might as well choose a kind and professional doctor. This is definitely the case with dr Salim. He did a crown on a fractured tooth of mine and it looks perfect. I have also had teeth whitening (with him) several times to improve my smile and I can only recommend. He is very meticulous and thorough in his explanations. - 11/13/2021 

Frank Birmin

Dr Reshad is the only periodontist I would entrust my oral health with. Despite my regular brushing and flossing I have bad teeth and gums, and that comes from mother. Sadly, genetics is genetics. But fortunately, I found an excellent professional (dr Reshad) who saved my teeth avoiding more invasive procedures (like dental implants) just when other dentists told me there was little hope left and that I was bound to lose some of my chompers. - 11/13/2021 

Jennifer Ray AvatarJennifer Ray

Very pleasant office and helpful staff. Finally found an honest dentist who doesn't try to talk you into procedures that you do not need. - 11/06/2021 

Carole Shulman AvatarCarole Shulman

dr. Nazeri was sweet, efficient, honest, and helpful. the office staff was pleasant and a place you don't mind "going to the dentist". - 11/04/2021 

GSK Contracting AvatarGSK Contracting

By far the best experience I have had in the NYC area. Highly recommended in all aspects-of the prism. - 11/02/2021 

Fred Franzolin

I am a rather anxious person, especially when I go to the dentist. Dr Reshad somehow always manages to keep me at ease also because of his great sense of humor. I had to go see him for a problematic dental implant (probably with a low-quality material) done at another dental office. I did not feel a thing during the extraction and new implant. Dr Reshad is a master at what he does. He called me regularly after hours to make sure I was doing well. I definitely recommend!! - 10/28/2021 


Sutton Place dental offices are clean and beautiful. Doctors and staff all very professional, attentive, friendly and very knowledgeable. Doctors are all very experienced and explained everything clearly. Highly recommend!! - 10/23/2021 

Simon Zimmer

Very kind and knowledgeable periodontist. I did several gum grafts to treat a severe periodontitis. Results are beyond expectations. I strongly believe he saved my teeth. I definitely recommend. - 10/19/2021 

Simon Zimmer

Dr. Salim definitely has a gift for putting you at ease and thoroughly explaining what dental treatments you need, but then leaving the decision up to you. And all this takes place in a super modern facility with great and caring staff

A shout out to Shar, the dental hygienist for the great cleaning. I keep on running my tongue over my teeth and can’t stop thinking how smooth they feel.

Due to Shahr's great cleaning I almost hesitated to do teeth whitening with dr Salim, because she had done such a great job. But now, after my teeth whitening sessions, I am happy because I managed to get rid of some pesky stains. - 10/19/2021 

Zocdoc user

I highly recommend !! Dr Salim took such great care of me. He was very thorough, friendly, and professional. The office is clean and the staff is very polite and caring. - 10/14/2021