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Herina Ayot AvatarHerina Ayot

I've been a patient here for a number of years and I've never had a bad experience here. Everyone is so friendly. The office is clean. They are very efficient with sticking with appointment times and getting you in and out without making you feel rushed at all. My dentist gives me adequate attention and explains all procedures very well. I see Dr. Salim. He is also very personable 🙂 - 4/11/2018 

William Q. Brothers III AvatarWilliam Q. Brothers III

Dr Salim was amazing. I have a gag problem and he snd his assistant worked so well together that I had no problem at all- didn’t even feel the needle for the anesthesia. The technology is the best I’ve ever seen and I love the massage feature in the chair.Nothing but complements for the medical team, their tram work and a great admin staff - 3/31/2021 

Andrea Ferrero AvatarAndrea Ferrero

During a business trip to New York last year I suffered from severe dental pain and surmised it was coming from a decayed tooth. I went to the closest dentist I could find and Dr Salim did my dental filling for a decayed molar. He was very kind and thorough in his explanations. To my surprise he helped me also identify a likely cause of my constant grogginess during the day: obstructive sleep apnea! Who would have thought? He is rather knowledgeable in the treatment and diagnosis of sleep apnea. I was really lucky to meet a dentist with this expertise. Obviously I will need to do further exams to ascertain that I really suffer from this issue.Update: Now that I sleep soundly because Dr Salim helped my sleep apnea by wearing a sleep device, I decided to improve my smile with dr Modiri by doing Invisalign and zoom teeth whitening. Even though I am between NY and Paris I am very happy with my younger brighter smile. - 3/20/2021 

Howard Miller AvatarHoward Miller

Longtime patient. Very happy with dental care and congeniality of staff especially Dr. Nazeri. Care is thorough and all appropriate treatment is recommended without promoting services of marginal value. Hygiene practices during Covid seem quite thorough. - 3/12/2021 

John C.

I’ve been a patient of Dr Salim’s for about 7 or 8 years, and continue to come back despite the fact that I live in Brooklyn now. He and his staff are beyond professional, very attentive, give great advice, and are genuinely just nice folks that I’ve felt have always had my best interest at heart. Rest assured you’re in good hands with this team. - 3/08/2021 

D Global AvatarD Global

Thank you all. Your team is always very pleasant as well as understanding about my nervousness related to sensitive teeth. I have not hesitated to do zoom teeth whitening. No pain and my smile is much much better. Thank you also doctor Salaim for great manners and results with Invisalign clear braces. - 3/04/2021 

Louise M.

I have no complaints - Dr. Salim's expertise, attentive and friendly staff, clean and organized office etc... I do not, in general, love dental visits but I am very well pleased overall with the care and services received. - 3/01/2021 

Giusi Grassi Ferrero AvatarGiusi Grassi Ferrero

I'm traveling in NY and during a snow day, I fell and broke my 2 front teeth.I search and found Sutton place dental. I saw Dr Salim and he did a porcelain crown one of my front teeth in one visit. I had to extract my other tooth and I saw Dr Reshad.Dr Reshad extracted my other tooth and replaced it with a dental implant and temporized it immediately.When I walked into Sutton Place Dental I was devastated with my two front teeth broken down. However, when I walked out of their office, I was very happy with the appearance of my smile and their service.I highly recommend Sutton place dental. - 2/24/2021 

George Holmes AvatarGeorge Holmes

Dr .Nazeri and her staff were competent and caring.It was a very positive experience for me. - 2/24/2021 

George Benakis AvatarGeorge Benakis

Excellent friendly staff, efficient service, very clean and highly detailed COVID 19 precautions, expert dental procedures by caring professionals using state of the art equipment. Highly recommend. - 2/24/2021 

Rime A.

It was great. Very professional and friendly. I didn’t have to wait. I really recommend Dr SALIM - 2/22/2021 

Ray Andersen AvatarRay Andersen

Everyone is so very professional and kind you feel like you belong like part of the family but getting the highest level of service possible by any dental office love you all and thanks for everything - 2/17/2021 

randall gould Avatarrandall gould

Excellent service. Fast, professional and COVID considerate - 2/17/2021 

Ron Shuler AvatarRon Shuler

Such a well organized, sanitized for safety and welcoming office. Great care by team. - 2/17/2021 

Дмитрий Ощепков AvatarДмитрий Ощепков

Great service as usually: friendly and professional staff. - 2/10/2021 

Cristina Intrater AvatarCristina Intrater

Best Dentist in Manhattan - 2/10/2021 

Noosha Vahab AvatarNoosha Vahab

I had a very pleasant visit at your officeThanks. - 2/10/2021 

Penina Dobin AvatarPenina Dobin

A top of their field and truly professional practice! - 2/10/2021 

Louise Merriman AvatarLouise Merriman

I received great dentistry and the staff are very caring, friendly and helpful. - 2/10/2021 

Jeremy Madden AvatarJeremy Madden

Clean and well maintained. Staff was knowledgable and extremely courteous. Having a Root Canal is never pleasant but having it here will make the experience as comforting as possible. - 2/10/2021