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Lia Janati-Ataie AvatarLia Janati-Ataie

I have known Dr. Reshad for many years. I consulted him regaring implants that I need. He has the finest qualities in every respect that one could expect from his/her dentist.He is the real Specialitst when it comes to Periodontic & Implant work. He is a great listener, very articulate in his explanations. And has every answer that you may possibly have in this area. Plus he makes himself available to answer any of your additional questions that you may have missed to ask during your vist. Great social and professional manners, very pleasant & easy to converse with. He is very thorogh in every step of the work involved. Not only he is very caring about your concerns, he is definitely a dentis that you'd want to keep for life.I highly recommend him. Simply because he does an excellent job. - 9/07/2021 

janet murray Avatarjanet murray

Sutton Place Dental is a wonderful practice. All the dentists are so experienced and really care about providing the best care possible. Same with the hygienists all the way down to the administrative staff. I am very very happy with this practice. - 9/03/2021 

Sonya Taylor AvatarSonya Taylor

I had to get a molar tooth pulled today and a root canal two weeks prior. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with Sutton Place Dental!! I was looking for the pain but without saying anything to Dr. Michael Rashad, he must've read my mind because he put numbing gel on my gums prior to any needles, and I actually laughed during my visit! Both experiences, the root canal with Dr. Matthew Malek and one molar tooth pulled with Dr. Rashad were both surprisingly painless due to their competence and excellent skill. The front desk also compliments the doctors as they are very friendly, knowledgeable and patient with the clients!! Thanks Sutton Place Dental! I will be bringing my daughter on the next visit!! :o) - 9/02/2021 

Nazy Modiri AvatarNazy Modiri

Great experience with Dr. Malek and the office is super clean and has brand new equipment. Will definitely be returning. - 9/02/2021 

Simonetta Clark

Some of my old porcelain veneers (done by another dentist) had broken off. Before choosing D Salim I did a lot of research and even before actually meeting him I was worried and concerned. But after the first consultation I was very reassured and everything went well. I am really happy I found Dr Salim. Appointments run always on time and he is very kind + patient. Office staff are likewise very kind and helpful. - 8/31/2021 

Albert Zimmer

My old dentist retired and closed his office. After reading some reviews I went to SuttonPDA. I was not disappointed for sure. Their office is super modern. I wanted to whiten my teeth but dr Salim (the cosmetic dentist) told me that I had two cavities and that I needed to fill them before doing any cosmetic dentistry. He was very patient and kind. I did not feel a thing, it was completely painless. The appointment was perfectly on time. Overall very positive experience. - 8/28/2021 


I have used the services of several cosmetic dentists over the last few year and I honestly have not noticed huge differences in results. For instance, professional teeth whitening always gives good results in a short time (versus DIY home based treatments) etc.... However, Dr Salim does stand out for amazing bedside manners and patience, plus the office staff is super kind. - 8/17/2021 

Yvonne S.

My visit went very smooth with Dr Salim.
It was the best dental experience ever.
Dr Salim is very professional, does his job in a great way and is very light-handed. I didn't feel any pain during or after the treatment and the result was very impressive and the outcome was very esthetic.
His attentiveness to details and immense experience make you feel proud that you chose him as your dentist for life.
I recommend him for any dental procedure. He simply masters dentistry and the dental art.
Not to mention that his staff were top-notch, very friendly and professional.
Office is super clean and has high-tech machines and dental products. - 8/12/2021 


Dr Salim has been my dentist for quite some time. He is extremely patient, very thorough with his explanations and meticulous. Office is immaculate and facilities are very modern. I strongly recommend. - 8/11/2021 

Alex Parsy AvatarAlex Parsy

Very professional. Me and all of my family have been a patient here for over 10 years. From physicians to office staff they are competent and patient focused. They should be used as gold standard. - 7/22/2021 

Edoardo Ferrero AvatarEdoardo Ferrero

Every time I travel to NYC I make sure I stop at this ultra modern dental office for my bi-yearly dental hygiene. Last time I also tried zoom teeth whitening with Dr Salim and I am very happy. A significant improvement in my smile in a very short time. I am also beginning Invisalign with Dr. Modiri. It will take a bit of extra travelling to NYC but it is worth it. The team is very professional and patient with their explanations. Never felt any pressure to do some procedures. Definitely recommend. - 7/19/2021 

Marc Vial AvatarMarc Vial

I got an infection of the bone below the root. It was eating onto the teeth. Great and seamless surgery. The doctor was great to explain the procedure and it went well. - 7/19/2021 

J. Fernando Peña AvatarJ. Fernando Peña

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Salim and Dr. Modiri for well over 10 years now, and their professionalism, service and kindness keeps me coming back. Their front desk staff is top notch, as are all the dental assistants that I have ever encountered. I also highly recommend their Invisalign service, which I did with Dr. Modiri a few years ago with great success. - 6/28/2021 

Judith M.

This is a top-notch dental practice. The staff is professional, friendly, and informative. The offices are spotlessly clean. They do everything to make your visit comfortable and painless! Dr. Salim is the absolute best! - 6/25/2021 

Dominique Day AvatarDominique Day

Amazing, gentle, and excellent excellent work. Jennifer is a miracle! - 6/11/2021 

Alejandra Tineo AvatarAlejandra Tineo

Excellent service - 6/08/2021 

Alya Mullings AvatarAlya Mullings

Excellent service, knowledgeable physicians, clean and friendly environment. I would highly recommend this practice to a friend or colleague. - 5/29/2021 

Reza Sarbakhsh AvatarReza Sarbakhsh

I visited Sutton Place Dental after quite some time away due to COVID. Dr. Salim was very courteous and provided excellent care, including for two chipped teeth and other care. He arranged for important follow ups on very short notice. The office was meticulous and had great ventilation. The staff was organized, professional, and highly knowledgeable about my past and current visits. - 5/22/2021 

Josephine Michaela AvatarJosephine Michaela

They are so amazing and They made me feel so comfortable and at home. I would recommend this office big time! they are gentle, understanding and very supportive. I absolutely love Dr. Joseph Salim and everyone there definitely choosing them for my dentists. - 5/22/2021 

Lidana Jalilvand AvatarLidana Jalilvand

Hats off to Dr. Reshad and Dr. Malek! They were amazing in diagnosing my tooth problem, treating and performing the gum surgery. The office was also at all time most responsive. Altogether, just fantastic! Thank you! - 5/22/2021