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Amir Khorami AvatarAmir Khorami
From the doctors to the hygienist, everyone is super caring and diligent! - 9/08/2023 
Judith Mills AvatarJudith Mills
Had a cavity to fix. Doc did a wonderful job from start to finish as they always do!! Even the novacaine shot didn't hurt and I told doc he's a master shot giver. In, out and done in 25 minutes. Everyone is so nice and helpful and the offices are so clean! Wish I could give them more stars!! This group is the absolute best! - 9/07/2023 
John Ragazzoli
Besides being welcomed into a clean, modern office, I also had the pleasure of being taken care by Dr Reshad who is an honest and professional implant dentist and periodontist. I met him because I was looking to get an implant for one of my teeth. But after looking at an X-ray he advised me against doing anything and referred me to a colleague of his for a much simpler procedure. It is a relief to meet honest dentists who truly care about your health. - 8/28/2023 
Jerzy Gruszka AvatarJerzy Gruszka
Very professional service! Dr. Matthew Malek was very nice and answered all my questions.Root canal therapy was very effective without any complications! Thank you Jerzy Gruszka - 8/08/2023 
Gabriele de Vos AvatarGabriele de Vos
I have seen doctors and hygienists at Sutton Place Dental over the past 20 years and all have been consistently professional, skilled and caring. Dr. Salim who I had seen first for an urgent root canal and crown after an accidentally broken tooth, was the cause for me to lose my profound fear of seeing a dentist, because the whole treatment was so unexpectedly gentle, as opposed to my past experiences somewhere else. Dr. Modiri saw me at a follow up visit and I couldn’t believe that he was just as thorough, caring and gentle as Dr. Salim. In recent years I started seeing Dr. Reshad for gum treatment and found an equal level of professionalism and care. My children both see Dr. Mina Elahi since they were very small. Dr. Elahi’s has an outstanding ability to be extremely gentle and aware of how to make this experience as pain free, soothing and “fun”, yet to be very thorough and clear in what needs to be done. My children never had any fear to go back and even looked forward to visits. In addition, the front desk staff is very accessible, kind and as much accommodating as possible. Also they are very clear about costs and insurance coverage ahead of treatment. An exceptional practice, would highly recommend. - 8/02/2023 
John Damez
I have been a patient of Dr Salim for 7 years and have had several procedures done, which all went very well, ranging from cavities to bonding and porcelain dental crowns. Recently he fixed my bite and did full top and bottom veneers on me. It really transformed my smile, and it looks so natural too. He is an unusual dentist, and you have his undivided attention when you are with him. He only works on one patient at a time, and you do not feel the slightest pressure to choose a treatment. His dental office is also unique, I believe it is the only place I have gone where they call you by your first name as soon as you put your foot through the door. - 7/31/2023 
John Damez
I have been hesitating to do a dental implant for many months because I am afraid of surgery but I finally resolved to get rid of my tooth gaps. Lo and behold, I would have never thought implant surgery would be so straightforward. A dental implant really feels like your own tooth and Dr Reshad’s procedure was completely painless. I definitely recommend. Also, the office is very modern, clean and the staff are kind and efficient. Appointments never run late. - 7/31/2023 
Karen L. AvatarKaren L.
Best dental office in midtown. Office is clean. - 3/09/2023 
Jessie AvatarJessie
I love Sutton Place Dental Associates. Every time I go there, I feel very happy. The dentists are very professional and friendly. I will recommend more and more friends to come here. - 3/09/2023 
Lida Modiri AvatarLida Modiri
Dr Reshad is excellent. He extracted my tooth and then placed my implant in less than an hour. The best part was that I didn’t feel a thing. My new implant crown feels so natural. Dr Modiri advised me to get Invisalign to help correct my bad bite which I didn’t know was possible as an older adult. They’re amazing Recently I did Botox with Dr. Mina Elahi and I absolutely love my results. I get compliments on my youthful natural looks. I will definitely return for more Botox treatments in the future. Thank you to the whole team at Sutton place dental - 2/25/2023 
Ghazal Reihani AvatarGhazal Reihani
Amazing experience as always. - 2/25/2023 
Patrick Vanderley
Living with missing front teeth was not easy but deciding to get dental implants was even more difficult. It took me a year to take the final step. I finally chose Dr Reshad because he really put me at ease, explained the procedure thoroughly and let me take the final decision. Also, I know the office well since I have been a long-time patient. The procedure was basically painless apart from a slight pain from the anesthesia needle. After surgery Dr Reshad made sure I was 100% clear about the steps I should take for home caring. He also called me regularly to make sure everything was okay. I am finally totally at ease when I smile. What a relief!! Thank you Dr Reshad and the Sutton Place Dental Associates team. - 2/24/2023 
Patrick Vanderley
Probably the best way to summarize my experience is that my teeth look so natural you cannot tell I have veneers. I became relaxed and confident after my first consultation with dr Salim and that lasted all the way to the end of my smile transformation. The whole experience was seamless: from the personnel welcoming and calling you by your name, to Dr Salim’s attentive and caring (no pressure) attitude, all the way to the office manager’s prompt and professional responses. Any issues were always quickly and professionally dealt with. I strongly recommend Dr Salim and his team. Thank-you Sutton Place Dental Associates for the great dental experience. - 2/24/2023 
S N AvatarS N
Dr. Elahi is amazing. She did Botox for me. I did not feel it at all and the result is great. I'm very pleased. - 2/18/2023 
Jim Ruiz
I suffered from periodontitis and needed gum grafts. That’s what I was told by my dentist … but I kept on postponing surgery because I was a little anxious. That is, until I met Dr Reshad who put my concerns at ease by proposing minimally invasive gum grafts techniques. I am now through my gum grafting journey and I feel a little silly about how nervous I was at the beginning. Kudos to the staff and Dr Reshad for allaying all my concerns and for always providing great emotional support. - 1/28/2023 
Jim Ruiz
I totally recommend Dr Salim. He is a perfectionist and also a caring cosmetic dentist. I have always suffered from small teeth and a gummy smile. But, over the years things got worse due to grinding. The abrasion of my front teeth made them look even shorter and I became very self-conscious about my smile. Dr Salim put me at ease from the very start and his patience throughout the whole process was unparalleled. He allowed me to check the wax mold from the lab and to tweak temporary veneers. We even decided to introduce some very slight imperfections to the final veneers, to make them look more natural. I really cannot rave enough about him and his staff. The emotional support was constant and he was always checking in on me, throughout the whole process. When I look at my new and natural smile and then think about how concerned and worried I was early on in the process, I can only laugh about it. - 1/28/2023 
Joshua Greng
I will be succinct: the tooth extraction was absolutely painless. I will definitely go back for the implant. I completely dislike going to the dentist but this is as good as it gets. - 12/27/2022 
Joshua Greng
I suffer from small crooked teeth. Despite multiple veneer consultations in many dental offices, somehow, I have always hesitated … until I met Dr Salim. He made me feel very comfortable from the very first appointment. He listened to my concerns and was very generous with explanations. His caring but also no pressure approach swayed me to entrust him with my oral health. As for the results … the words “smile transformation” hardly seem to cut it. So many people I have met told me I look 10 years younger. Lesa and the Sutton Place Dental team are also very efficient and welcoming. They always know my name. - 12/27/2022 
Frederick Hentsch
Dr Salim spent a lot of time explaining the procedure and answering all my questions. My situation was not easy for I have little brittle teeth and I needed veneers on many teeth (as well as 2 crowns, an implant and a couple of cavities). Procedures on my mouth started early 2022 and they were long (pre-veneers, then veneers ...). This notwithstanding, Dr Salim and his team always reassured and put at ease, to the point that I was almost looking forward to these appointments for I was confident results were going to be really good. And really good they were or, rather, they are!! Thanks to my veneers, I now feel more at ease when smiling. I definitely recommend Dr Salim and his team. - 12/19/2022 
Frederick Hentsch
I was quite anxious when I got into the dental office but Dr Reshad put me at ease and reassured me that everything was going to go very smoothly. And things went smoothly indeed. Aside from the initial anesthesia injection, I did not feel anything during my tooth extraction and dental implant. The office staff was also very kind and the office is very modern. I would definitely recommend them. - 12/19/2022