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Dominique Day AvatarDominique Day

Amazing, gentle, and excellent excellent work. Jennifer is a miracle! - 6/11/2021 

Alejandra Tineo AvatarAlejandra Tineo

Excellent service - 6/08/2021 

Alya Mullings AvatarAlya Mullings

Excellent service, knowledgeable physicians, clean and friendly environment. I would highly recommend this practice to a friend or colleague. - 5/29/2021 

Reza Sarbakhsh AvatarReza Sarbakhsh

I visited Sutton Place Dental after quite some time away due to COVID. Dr. Salim was very courteous and provided excellent care, including for two chipped teeth and other care. He arranged for important follow ups on very short notice. The office was meticulous and had great ventilation. The staff was organized, professional, and highly knowledgeable about my past and current visits. - 5/22/2021 

Josephine Michaela AvatarJosephine Michaela

They are so amazing and They made me feel so comfortable and at home. I would recommend this office big time! they are gentle, understanding and very supportive. I absolutely love Dr. Joseph Salim and everyone there definitely choosing them for my dentists. - 5/22/2021 

Lidana Jalilvand AvatarLidana Jalilvand

Hats off to Dr. Reshad and Dr. Malek! They were amazing in diagnosing my tooth problem, treating and performing the gum surgery. The office was also at all time most responsive. Altogether, just fantastic! Thank you! - 5/22/2021 

Josephine P.

Dr.Joseph Salim is a very very experienced, caring and very professional Doctor, My visits went amazingly well, except for one but only by fault of my own but Dr.Salim walked me through it just fine and I knew I was surrounded by really good people so my anxiety dropped by a lot. My fillings today went amazingly well and fast! also very nurturing caring and very supportive the doctors and everyone in the office are amazing amazing people. absolutely go to Sutton Place dental associates! - 5/19/2021 

Shannan Gadiare AvatarShannan Gadiare

I’m so happy I found Sutton place Dental! Excellent staff, Doctors and hygienists. Dr. Reshad did an amazing job with my gum grafting. I was so worried because of how severe my condition was but I’m so pleased with the results! - 5/15/2021 

Homa Tarzi AvatarHoma Tarzi

Excellent service and very professional staff. I will recommend Sutton Place dental to all. - 5/12/2021 

Mónica I. Álvarez Arteaga AvatarMónica I. Álvarez Arteaga

The staff and doctor Salim are always so attentive, kind and make sure you have the best available treatment. So happy I found them 😁 - 5/12/2021 

Lida Modiri AvatarLida Modiri

Dr Reshad is excellent. He extracted my tooth and then placed my implant in less than an hour. The best part was that I didn’t feel a thing. My new implant crown feels so natural. Dr Modiri advised me to get Invisalign to help correct my bad bite which I didn’t know was possible as an older adult. They’re amazing - 5/12/2021 

Erika Dray AvatarErika Dray

Really wonderful experience! Dr. Reshad was incredibly informative and the staff was very friendly. Would highly recommend! - 5/08/2021 

Virginia Gamba AvatarVirginia Gamba

Great experience. Professional and calming mode. Very glad I am in such good hands - 5/07/2021 

Reba Watsky AvatarReba Watsky

Excellent first time visit for me and my husband! The initial online scheduling process was very easy. At the visit, the staff were all extremely friendly and they didn’t care at all that we were a couple of minutes late. The front desk people, person who took x-rays, dentist, and hygienist were all very knowledgeable and professional. They made us feel like we were in excellent hands! We are very happy to have found Sutton Place Dental. - 5/05/2021 

Olivier Gourlot AvatarOlivier Gourlot

Dr Salem is always very patient and thorough with hos explanations. I did zoom teeth whitening and after a few months also porcelain veneers. I am much more confident about my smile now. Very very happy! My family has been coming here forever. Dr Rishad treated my brother for several broken teeth (after a fall). The dental implants look just like original teeth. My brother could not believe his eyes! And Dr Reshad as well is very thorough with explanations.Another younger doctor, Dr Modiri, has treated my wife with Invisalign. Again results are excellent.Finally even my mum, who has been coming here forever, is being treated by Dr Salem for sleep apnea with oral appliances (she hates CPAP). She can finally get normal sleep at night. - 4/29/2021 

Louise M.

Efficient and pleasant staff - Dr. Salim is an experienced and skillful dentist. I am very pleased with my dental care. - 4/26/2021 

Monica A.

The staff is super friendly, cares for you and treats you great. Doc is also super nice and thorough when explaining teeth info. Highly recommend. ?? - 4/25/2021 

Michele AvatarMichele

My son has been a patient of Dr.Elahi for years. She is a great dentist, honest, and genuine. The office staff is wonderful , friendly, organized, and extremely efficient.Going to the dentist is a pleasure here! - 4/21/2021 

Noosha Vahab AvatarNoosha Vahab

I saw Dr Modiri for my Invisalign treatment. Initially I was hesitant about using Invisalign but after seeing my husband’s transformation I was eager to see Dr. Modiri. I have been using Invisalign already for over 6 months and have been very happy with my results. My top teeth already look amazing and I can’t wait to see how my bottom teeth turn out! Dr. Modiri has been very supportive and thorough throughout the process, clearly explaining all the instructions and answering my questions. And the SPDA staff have been amazing at sending reminders for appointments and when the aligners are ready for pickup. The whole process really feels personalized and well taken care of. I highly recommend SPDA and Dr. Modiri! - 4/12/2021 

Andrea Ferrero AvatarAndrea Ferrero

During a business trip to New York last year I suffered from severe dental pain and surmised it was coming from a decayed tooth. I went to the closest dentist I could find and Dr Salim did my dental filling for a decayed molar. He was very kind and thorough in his explanations. To my surprise he helped me also identify a likely cause of my constant grogginess during the day: obstructive sleep apnea! Who would have thought? He is rather knowledgeable in the treatment and diagnosis of sleep apnea. I was really lucky to meet a dentist with this expertise. Obviously I will need to do further exams to ascertain that I really suffer from this issue.Update: Now that I sleep soundly because Dr Salim helped my sleep apnea by wearing a sleep apnea mouth device, I decided to improve my smile with dr Modiri by doing Invisalign and zoom teeth whitening. Even though I am between NY and Paris I am very happy with my younger brighter smile. - 4/12/2021