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If you miss all your upper or lower teeth, get that beaming smile you have always longed for. Replace your denture with a fixed arch of teeth. Boost your quality of life with our highly skilled dental implants specialist Dr. Michael Reshad.

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What are Implant Dentures or All-on-4?

Name variations are not in short supply, as you can infer from the title. All-on-4 is also known as implant-supported dentures, permanent dentures, denture implants, all-on-8, or full denture implants.

All these different terms refer to the same basic concept: implants support a full denture. Four dental implants serve as support systems for an entire set of artificial teeth.

How does an implant denture procedure take place, and how long does it last?

Let’s address the first question. How many phases does it consist of, and what are they?

It is a 2-step process:

Step 1 – Dr. Reshad will place 4 dental implants into your jawbone, hence the name All-on-4. He will perform the surgery under local anesthesia. The 4 implants serve as support for your permanent denture.

Step 2 – In between the 4 dental implants and the fixed denture, we will mount another support that fits onto the dental implants. Then, Dr. Reshad will add the new set of teeth on top of that.

Now on to the second question. The surgery usually takes 2 hours. It is best to leave time for healing, which generally takes six months. Like any other implant procedure (see for instance single tooth implants), the implant needs to integrate or bond with your surrounding bone. It takes about 4-5 months for implants to be fused permanently with your jawbone.

Bone grafting is not frequently used with implant-supported dentures. Dr. Reshad, our periodontist and dental implant specialist, will in fact position implants in a way that makes optimum use of existing bone.

Before mounting the denture, in other words, between step 1 and step 2, we will provide you with temporary teeth. So, no worries! You will not leave our office with missing teeth.

Bear in mind that it is sometimes even possible to fit the new teeth on the same day of surgery, hence the name “teeth in a day” when the whole process is done in one session.

Implant Dentures Vs. Dentures: pros and cons

Cons of dentures and pros of dental implants

Let’s quickly start with the advantages of implant dentures and cons of dentures (see also Implants versus Traditional Dentures and Pros and Cons of Dental Implants and Traditional Dentures).

  • Dentures might need to be supported by healthy teeth and can end up damaging them. Implants don’t need this kind of support.
  • Dentures can come loose or trap food. They also require special creams and adhesives to manage. Implant dentures do not have these problems, for they are anchored into your jawbones. The consumption of denture adhesive over long periods may also lead to excessive zinc uptake. Higher than normal zinc concentrations may damage nerves, especially in your feet and hands.
  • Most of the enjoyment you find in eating vanishes when you start wearing traditional dentures, especially if they do not fit properly. After an All On 4 Dental Implants procedure instead, you will enjoy eating again, just like before you lost your teeth.
  • According to several studies, the success rate of the all-on-4 procedure is 99.8%.
  • You put an end to the ever-lasting slipping and sliding of removable dentures, which are often poor fitting and suffer from inadequate stability.
  • Most of the time, all-on-4 is suitable even if you have suffered from significant bone loss. This is possible because of the particular placement of the implants in the frontal part of your mouth. This approach maximizes the use of your jawbone where it is thicker and stronger and provides good stability. Once the dental bridge is placed over the implants, it is held firmly in place.
  • Every time you chew on something, you exert pressure on your jawbone and stimulate its growth. When you have missing teeth, the induction of cellular regrowth is lost, and bone will resorb. If your jawbone no longer structures your face, it will slowly collapse, giving you an aged, shrunken look. Dentures provide no bone stimulation. All implants (see for instance Mini Implants or Front Teeth Dental Implants ), hence also All-On-4 (implants), preserve jawbone density and regenerate bone by maintaining the necessary chewing pressure.
  • Dental hygiene with all-on-4 is easy.
  • Last but not least, all-on-4 do not interfere with your ability to speak and will allow you to enjoy a natural smile again. The snug fit of implant dentures will result in a youthful smile and a newly found confidence.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

We would be remiss not to talk about the cons of dental implants and the pros of dentures. So, here is a quick summary.

Cons of dental implants and pros of dentures

  • You would need advanced implant training and expertise. It is not a procedure for any dentist. Ensure you select a qualified implant specialist for an All-on-4 in New York City.
  • Surgery on your jaw only requires local anesthetics. It is a minor surgery, and you will go back to work the following day. Like most surgical procedures, it will involve some discomfort and may feel a bit daunting. We will do our best to minimize any soreness and pain, and most of our patients complete the procedure while listening to their favorite music. They can even return to practice sports within a few days.
  • You may not be suitable for All-on-4 implant treatment. How can you find out?

Book a consultation with our dental implant dentist, Dr. Reshad, to understand whether you could be the right candidate for such treatment.
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How to clean an All on 4 implants

Just as with your regular teeth, we advise that you:

  • Brush your implant and implant dentures regularly after every meal using a soft-bristled toothbrush in regular movements.
  • You will have to come to the dental office for regular six-monthly check-ups of your bones’ and gums’ health.

Dental Implant Cost NYC

All-on-4 is usually much more cost-effective than if you had to replace your missing teeth with traditional implants.

Why so?, you may ask

Because it only requires 4-6 dental implants instead of the 10-12 implants and crowns you would otherwise need (to replace each missing tooth on one full arch). Furthermore, you do not generally need bone grafts with All-on-4. Dr. Reshad always tries to position implant dentures to optimize the use of existing bone.

If you chose traditional implants, bone grafting would also add to the overall cost.

If you have no insurance, the average cost of all-in-4 in New York City is around $30,000. Instead, at Sutton Place Dental Associates, we make our utmost effort to make such treatment affordable for you and keep it under $30000 (for one entire arch).

Please do not confuse All-on-4 with Snap-on dentures (see image below). The latter are simply dentures that you “snap-on” during the day and that you take off and clean every night. They are not screwed onto implants that are firmly integrated into your jawbone. Their cost is very different and ranges between 13,000-15,000 $ in New York City.

Also, with an All on 4 treatment, you will walk out of the office the day of the treatment. You will also be able to eat, smile, and function normally. However, with a Snap-on denture, you would need your implants first. You would then wait between 4-6 months (healing time) before having your Snap-on dentures made.

Snap-on dentures

If you have insurance, the cost will be factored in by your dental insurance coverage. Be reassured, though, Sutton Dental Associates participates with major dental insurances.

If you feel uncomfortable with the costs, please consider the health benefits as well as the joy of a newly found smile.

Also, we have solutions for our patients that will facilitate the process:

  • we offer third-party financing (CareCredit)
  • we offer flexible financing options
  • we accept all major credit cards
  • we accept all major insurances are accepted
  • You may be able to use your Flex Spending Account (FSA) for any procedures you wish to like. We will help you with these plans.

Some tips for finding the best All-on-4 dentist near you.

To ensure that your implant benefits from a long life, you should select the most experienced dentist and the dental team.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Ensure that your implant dentist has the necessary equipment (e.g., Cone beam CT, a panoramic machine) to make an accurate diagnosis. Starting with a wrong diagnosis is like setting oneself up for failure.
  • Verify that your implant specialist has substantial experience with bone grafting. He (or she) should be able to restore missing bone if your jawbone is deficient.
  • Like in many other fields, experience matters. The implants must be placed and heal in a timely matter to fuse with the surrounding bone. They need to ensure that biting pressure spreads in the surrounding bone. Implants closely mimic real tooth roots and stimulate bone growth when biting pressure is exerted. Bone growth ensures the longevity of your implant.

How to find a full denture implants dentist in midtown NYC?

Do you live in New York City and wish to restore your missing teeth?

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If you wish to find your smile again, renew with the joy of eating any foods, speak without any hassle, or live life with enthusiasm and confidence, consider implant dentures.

In an advanced dental implant center, you will be very well cared for in a serene environment with decades of dental experience under one roof.

The combination of:

  • very modern equipment,
  • meticulously designed All-on-4 with the best available materials

will provide you with comfortable permanent dentures and a natural, fresh new smile.
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