Matthew Malek, DDS

Endodontics & Endodontic Microsurgery
Dr. Matthew Malek
Dr. Matthew Malek in his treatment room
About Dr. Matthew Malek

Dr. Malek completed his advanced education in Endodontics at the NYU College of Dentistry with extensive training on the use of advanced Endodontic techniques in surgical and nonsurgical procedures. He is currently a Diplomate of the American Association of Endodontics.

Dr. Malek received his Doctorate in Dental Surgery from NYU, where he received several letters of appreciation, as well as the Arthur Charles Hull and Samuel and Hannah Holzman Award for showing the greatest proficiency in Endodontics. He has also completed the orofacial pain management course at NYU with honors.

In addition to his special clinical training, Dr. Malek has a keen interest in teaching, and is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at the department of Endodontics at NYU, and is the director of the Advanced Endodontics course for Post-graduate students. He is also involved with several research projects at NYU concerning the clinical advances in the field of Endodontics. Dr. Malek regularly participates in outreach programs and medical missions that aim to promote access to dental care in underprivileged areas throughout the globe.

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