How Do Plaque and Tartar Form?

Plaque build-up is something that every person experiences. Plaque is a transparent film coating the teeth and is made by bacteria, proteins and food particles. Over time (24 hours), when it is not cleaned off properly, plaque hardens and can become tartar (dental calculus). Tartar is made up of minerals that bind on the tooth and cannot be removed by regular brushing.


Plaque and Tartar control

Plaque cannot be avoided, but it can be controlled by good oral hygiene which should therefore be a basic and important part of your cleaning habits. Tartar forms often in crevices and hard to reach places in the mouth and along the gum line. This means that regular cleaning with the dentist is also necessary, aside from keeping good oral hygiene, so that further teeth deterioration is prevented.


Factors To Plaque and Tartar Build-up

Build-up of plaque and tartar varies with each individual’s body chemistry and dental habits. For many of us, these deposits build up faster as we age. But aside from that, eating foods that are rich in sugar or sticky foods increases the chances of the formation.

A disregard for proper oral hygiene is also a factor. Without proper cleaning, plaque and tartar develop into cavities that lead to serious dental problems, like the inflammation of gums and bone loss.


Preventing Plaque and Tartar

Below are basic plaque and tartar control methods:

  • brushing at least twice a day reduces the amount of build-up if done properly. You have to really make sure that also the gum lines and the spaces in between the teeth are cleaned, so using a good toothbrush and flossing makes cleaning better.
  • The use of a good toothpaste also helps with prevention. Pick toothpaste with fluoride because it helps protect the teeth from cavities.
  • Drink plenty of water regularly, so that the mouth gets continuous washing down of bacteria and toxin.

The importance of oral care must be emphasized and given priority. But even if you are thoroughly doing this, it is still necessary to visit the dentist every six months for check-up. Dental expertise helps with detecting problems in the mouth earlier.


The Cycle of Prevention, Treatment, and Maintenance

Like many other parts of the human body, teeth must be maintained throughout the course of a lifetime. They are essential for food consumption, speaking, and cosmetic appearance. Therefore, patients should invest in high quality dental care for themselves and their family.