Braces and orthodontic treatments can vastly improve your smile and self-esteem

Braces and orthodontic treatments are among the dental services and treatments provided in our dental office that can work to restore a beautiful smile and boost your self-confidence. Braces are one option in terms of orthodontic treatments and people of all ages can go through braces treatment. An arched wire works to align the teeth into a straight position. During regular appointments, your braces will be adjusted. The length of time that braces will be worn varies according to your own individual teeth.

In our dental office, we will work to ensure that your treatment is as comfortable as possible. We will educate you on how to clean your teeth at home to ensure good dental hygiene and a healthy orthodontic process. Children, teens and adults can all go through the process of braces, but adults may be more hesitant to get braces. Straightening your teeth can provide an array of cosmetic and health benefits. Crooked teeth that are out of line can not only look unattractive, but they can place an individual at risk for tooth decay because food may become stuck between crooked teeth. Furthermore flossing can become a problem when teeth are not in proper alignment. If you are hesitant about undergoing braces, there are options available such as getting clear brackets that are not as visible as traditional braces.

After your treatment is complete, you will be fitted with an orthodontic retainer to keep your teeth in alignment. This will help avoid shifting of your teeth. It is usually recommended to wear your retainer 24 hours a day for the first few months following the removal of braces. After this, many patients wear their retainers only at night for an individually recommended period of time. This is a very important step in maintaining your beautiful, straight teeth.

It is never too late to start braces and orthodontic treatment. Although the process can seem daunting at first, our dental office will make the process as painless and carefree as possible. The results will definitely pay off, as your beautiful smile will bring you more confidence than ever before. For busy working professionals, a beautiful smile is important when meeting with clients and other professionals. Many people will look at your teeth when holding a conversation with you and having a smile that you feel confident about will have you smiling from within.