In-office teeth whitening in NYC at 10022

In-office teeth whitening in NYC
Reviewed by Dr. Joseph Salim, DMD (written by the Sutton PDA editor)


Do you live in NYC, Midtown, or Midtown-East? Are you looking for professional teeth whitening because you want a more luminous smile?

Then wait no longer. Our team is quite experienced using Zoom® whitening and Opalescence® Boost.

These are well-established teeth whitening procedures. They will safely and quickly improve your grin.

After cleaning your teeth, you will be ready to transform your smile in just one visit1.

And the procedure is quite relaxing overall: no pain, no discomfort …

…. to the point that you will find yourself dozing off while listening to music or watching a movie.

Now, let’s briefly discuss why you should choose SuttonPDA.

Top dentists in NYC (10022)

You are probably wondering why you should entrust your smile to us.

Since the proof is in the proverbial pudding, then our reviews should suffice.

As of April 2020, we have had:

  • 179 Google reviews (score of 4.9)
  • 264 ZocDoc reviews for Dr. Joseph Salim (score of 4.8)
  • 147 ZocDoc reviews for Dr. Shahpari Nazeri (score of 4.8)
  • 108 ZocDoc reviews for Dr. Michael Reshad (grade of 4.5)
  • 83 ZocDoc reviews for Dr. Bahram Modiri (grade of 4.8)
  • 33 ZocDoc reviews for Dr. Mahtab Azimi (score of 4.8)
  • 29 Facebook reviews (score of 5)
  • 13 Google reviews for Dr. Joseph Salim (score of 4.4)
  • 14 Google reviews for Dr. Mina Elahi (score of 5)
  • 10 Healthgrades reviews for Dr. Salim (score of 5)

Also, consider that we have with 175 years of cumulative experience. Our 7 dentists’ complementary expertise will thus cover all your dental needs.


If you choose to whiten your teeth at our office, the price will be affordable, around $300-600, depending on your needs.

And we will include something extra…

… that is a custom-fitted touch-up tray or take-home bleaching kit.

This will help you enjoy prolonged results.

Let’s now briefly look at the procedures we use

Zoom® and Opalescence® Boost

As mentioned above, we will restore your sparkling smile with one of the following trendy teeth bleaching methods:

  • Zoom® whitening
  • Opalescence® Boost

What is Opalescence® Boost?

It is a professional teeth whitening procedure that:

  • Takes about an hour, depending on the degree of teeth discoloration.
  • Does not need light to activate the gel.
  • Whitens your teeth with a sticky and viscous gel that we place on your teeth.
  • Can remove common stains brought about by your lifestyle (eating, drinking, smoking, …).
  • Can also treat other difficult stains like those resulting from:
    • trauma;
    • prescription medications (such as tetracycline).

Now, after the procedure, you may experience some short-term post-whitening sensitivity.

To alleviate that, your dentist could give you a potassium nitrate gel. You can use it in a customized tray until the condition subsides (usually 2-3 days maximum).

So, nothing to be too concerned about.

Let’s now learn about the other popular in-office teeth whitening procedure we use.

What is Zoom® teeth whitening?

Patient with a light source device irradiating teeth whitening gel, during an in-office procedure

Zoom® is a frequently used teeth whitening procedure that:

  • Generally, takes about 1 hour or so to be completed.
  • Consists of three 15 minutes applications of a whitening gel. These contain hydrogen peroxide (25%). They lighten both enamel and dentin stains.
  • Makes use of an ultraviolet lamp to speed up the whitening process.

So unlike Opalescence® Boost, light is part of the bleaching process.

A small percentage of patients (about 7-8 %) experience sensitivity.

It subsides significantly after 24 hours and should completely disappear within 48 hours.

(if you are you concerned about sensitivity? Then check Chapter 4: Sensitivity and gums’ irritation after teeth whitening) To address this, we include post-treatment care instructions to apply a fluoride paste-gel to your teeth. We do this right after the procedure.

Final remarks

We hope that the above answers all questions you may have about how to rediscover your sparkling smile at Sutton PDA quickly.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to book an appointment with us.

Remember that the first visit is complimentary ☺ if you are a new patient.

Depending on the final results, you desire, another session may be necessary. We may also advise you to pursue treatment with home whitening trays.


  1. Depending on the final results you desire, another session may be necessary. We may also advise you to pursue treatment with home whitening trays.