The “Annotated Resources Page: Sleep Apnea” page contains a list of resources (links) that have been taken from the National Library of Medicine.

So, each resource presented has been vetted by some of the best librarians in the world.

You may be wondering why we are reproducing someone’s else’s work?

That is a fair question ?.

The short answer is that we have added some extra special information.

For instance, the page is a more user-friendly version of the original resources page:

  • On the National Library of Medicine page, all the links (resources) are shown with no further explanation.
  • On our version instead, you will get a glimpse of the linked pages. This will allow you to decide if the pages are worth a visit.

… a time saver, right?

But the unique extra bells and whistles that you will not find anywhere else are the … “What Google thinks about the page” sections.

These include:

  • Estimated monthly traffic from Google.
  • Estimated number of keywords for which Google ranks the page. In other words, for how many “searched terms” Google will show you the page.
  • Estimated most important searched keywords for which Google will show you the page. We will thus provide you with examples of some of the actual keywords.
  • Estimated number of links from other websites to the page. As you may know, links from other websites count as votes in Google eyes.

How will you use this information? …Well, you will be able to quickly understand:

  • what the page is about (most important searched keywords),
  • how important and authoritative the page is according to Google (estimated traffic, number of links and number of keywords).